Thursday, November 3, 2011

A is for A Beginning.

A fresh start.
      A turned page.
           A brand-new, crisp fall morning. 
                A beginning.
           A baby's first look at life.
                 A morning-breath ladened kiss.
                      A small giggle in the middle of terrible things.
                 A  beginning.
                         A night of quiet love-making.
                 A secret-wish made real.
                         A closed door hiding it all.
                                A beginning.
                         An open door, uncovering secrets.
                 A tear shed, a bag packed, and a heart-broken.
          An engine starting and disappearing.
A beginning.   
          A snowflake harmlessly landing on a nose.
                 A baby's wail for an absent father.
                         A miniscule hope for something better.
                                 A beginning.

Brought to you courtesy of Alphabe-Thursday and Mrs. Jenny.  (This week is letter "A" if you could not tell.)