Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Eye for an Eye

There are terrible people in the world, people who have hurt others and caused permanent damage.  
There are also people who believe that terrible people should be killed for their actions.
There are people within that group who believe it is right to celebrate when a terrible person’s life is ended.
Personally, while I do believe in justice, I do not believe it is my job to say what justice should be dealt to others, or even myself.
I do not believe that a person’s death should be rejoiced and celebrated.
I do not believe anybody has the right to end another human being’s life, under any circumstance at all.
Life is a beautiful gift.  Life is unbelievably precious. Life is something that God has given, and that God can take away.

“an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
It honestly makes my stomach hurt to imagine people rejoicing over anothers death and ill fortune.
Maybe we should realize that humans do not become monsters without a cause, and monsters do not revert to humans without help and understanding.

p.s.  Vinz is the most amazing person...ever!!