Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Step-by-Step to becoming "Classy"

This is a condensed list of the steps to becoming a classy individual.  This is inspired by a real article on  Wiki-How accessible right here -->

This definitely made me smile a little at how shallow people can be. But they are some generally good rules to follow.  And remember, stay classy (:

1. Use the Golden Rule
                You can't be truly classy if you are mean to the less-classy girls out there.
2. Choose your battles, Choose your friends.
                Not a whole lot is worth fighting for. Stand up for people who need it and stay away from mean
3. Choose your words.
                "The classy individual listens more than he/she speaks."

4. Do not Insult, Gossip, or Slander.
                Obviously these things are not nice or classy.
5. Be Independent.
                 a.k.a. be nice but not a push-over.
6. Be stylish but do not give in to trends.
                 nobody is going to consider you classy if you are wearing your p.j.'s to class but going broke    
                 because you want to buy everything that is currently in style is also not classy.
7. Ask for help and seek wisdom.
                 Even a classy person can't know everything.
8. Be responsible and considerate.
                 This is also a good idea for anybody living in a college dorm.
9. Be knowledgeable and aware.
                 Watch the news and read a newspaper.
10. Be real.
                  Except if you were really "being real" you wouldn't be reading a "how-to" on becoming a classy 
                  person. /:

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