Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All the World is a Hot Mess

I was almost scammed today/last night.
That would have been terrible...they could have taken all of the $100 dollars in my checking account!
And it all started with one stinkin' dollar. 
Actually, it all really started because I wanted to watch Sons of Anarchy online but FX won't let me.
So anyways,
I was trying to find it online, and signed up for a website that would let me.
It said it was free, and you just had to pay per episode...
So I went against better judgement and signed up, giving my card number.
I then proceed to search for my show with the hot bikers in it,
and came up empty.
I continued on with my life, did boring college things, at some wings, an went to bed.
Waking up this morning, I had an e-mail from the bank
"your card has suspicious activity on it, it was charged by and international account"
Well, shoot.
It was only $1. But that could have turned into a whole lot more.
So I called the bank at the lovely time of 6:50 a.m.
And they fixed it.
Then I called the stupid internet-fraud-charge-you-without-permission-company
And cancelled my "free" subscription.
And now I feel like a big fat donkey-butt.
Because an 18 year-old college student should definately know better than that.
Luckily, my $100 is safe and sound
And I didn't have to fly across the sea to get my $1 back.
Thank goodness for 24-hour customer service.

My question is this:
What kind of person makes a fraudulent business?
My answer is this:
The kind that I will probably not be meeting inside the pearly gates of heaven.
Then my brain told me this:
That's not nice, take it back and stop being judgemental.
They did try to take me for all I'm worth.