Monday, December 3, 2012

The Nature of Humans

People disappoint people.

Girls disappoint boys.
Dads disappoint daughters. 
Friends disappoint each other.
Idols disappoint fans.
We disappoint ourselves.

What is it about disappointment, since we know it will come after us eventually, that stings so badly? 
Why do we put faith in the idea that "this time will be different" when that idea is proved wrong over and over and over?

Human nature is odd in that we have this fantastic ability to dull the hurt someone causes us just enough to be able to dive back into the relationship with renewed hope.  For the smartest things walking this planet, we aren't very bright.

Maybe it's just because we have this irrational need to fix everything, or maybe its because we grew up with the fairy-tale idea of a "happily-ever-after."  

I think that maybe we are too afraid to face whatever unknowns this world holds for us and we would rather just blissfully pretend the people we trust won't hurt us in the end.

I grew up in a world unfit for a child.  I grew up surrounded by disappointment and yelling and leaving and crying and rebuilding and starting over.  
So maybe that's why, when I look at the people I surround myself with, I don't expect too much.  

I don't expect people to follow-through on their obligations. I don't expect people to be there when I need them.  I don't expect anything but the bare minimum: a polite, maybe friendly smile, some conversation, and promises that won't be kept.

This way,  I am not constantly disappointed but instead pleasantly surprised when those promises are fulfilled, the conversation has meaning, and the smiles turn to laughter.

People disappoint people, but we are in charge of who has the power to hurt us.