Friday, September 9, 2011


Sometimes, it takes a heated debate to make a person open her eyes and actually see the big picture.  My honor's course involves a game in which we have to pretend we are ancient Athenians in 403 B.C.  We have to decide how to rebuild our city back to former greatness through debates. Wednesday, two boys' heated discussion ended like this:
"Think of it this way: The 30 were just the little heads on a great big body.  If you chop off all of the heads, the body becomes useless"
"The body still has talons, it could thrash you when you least suspect it!"
"...Try thrashing without a head!"

I'm not completely positive why that stupid part of a conversation has caused me to rethink things, but it has.  I realized that I am unhappy with my current roommate situation, that I need to involve myself more, and that I already want to change my major.  My priorities are completely off-kilter, and I hate feeling like I do right now.  I've lost my faith, my biggest definer.

The thrashing, headless monster has nothing to do with any of those things, except that once it becomes headless, it needs to adjust to being blind and brainless.  YOU try thrashing without a head, and let me know how it goes.