Friday, September 30, 2011

7 weeks.

After my first seven weeks in college, I think it's safe to say that I have already started to change as an individual.  From my experience, here are the changes a college freshman experiences before fall midterms:

A solidification of ideas and morals:  
Where you stand on things like underaged drinking, sex, manners, and what is "right"or "wrong" will go through a metamorphosis. You realize that somethings you thought were okay really aren't and visa versa. Can also apply to politics, but most freshmen don't care yet.

Religious beliefs:
Christian? Muslim? LDS? Atheist? Buddhist? Islam? Animalism? Polytheism?
Whatever religion you previously affiliated with  will either become start to have a stronger part in your life or disappear almost completely. Most freshmen would rather sleep in on a Sunday.

Use of independence:
Freshmen very quickly find out how much independence they can handle.  Sometimes, the ability to party every night and skip every 8 a.m. gets to be too much.  Especially when the first exam is a fail.  They also learn about setting up a schedule, time-management, budgeting and studying.

Family values:
Homesickness will set in, or at least friendsickness.  Freshmen learn that maybe they miss home more than they thought they would, and regret  how quickly they said good-bye on move-in day.

Human relations:
Dealing with people who have opposing beliefs, contrasting personalities, and abrasive characters can be difficult.  It can be down-right impossible if your roommate is the one with whom your personality clashes.  College forces you to deal with people in a civil manner and allows you to become more accepting of differing personalities.

In my seven weeks I have become a more organized person.  I have also solidified my beliefs, realized that maybe I need my mother more than I thought, have had to deal with some pretty unruly people, and have found a church that I love to get up in the morning for.  For me, a night in the dorms with my girls is more fun than a night in the forest with a bunch of drunkards.  I have found time to indulge my love for volunteering through Habitat for Humanity, and I have realized that I really am more of an introvert than an extrovert.  

College is great, just don't go into it expecting anything less than for your perspective on life to change completely.