Saturday, August 6, 2011

pooooooooor grammar

When I first saw this picture I couldn't get past the fact that they used "to" instead of "too", the lack of apostrophes, the random capitalization, and the comma splice.   But then I reread and reread it again and decided that I REALLY liked it.

"If you go too fast in life and don't have any speed-bumps, what's to keep you from crashing?"

We all have at least one moment in our lives when we have nothing to say to God except "Why?"  Those moments are the "speed-bumps" in our lives, the things that we need in order to slow down and look at the bigger picture.  We need these things to redirect ourselves and revamp our ideas of what we should be doing/being. 

Imagine if nothing bad ever happened. Sure, we would all be free of negative emotions and emotional scars would be a non-issue, but would we truly be happier?  Don't we get washed with the greatest waves of gratitude after a not-so-pleasant experience?  What if we never had a reason to look at the special parts of our lives and honestly appreciate what we have?  I'm pretty sure we would be much worse off, not better off.

That's just where my minds at. <3