Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Termite Tuesday

Termite [tur-mahyt], noun
1.any of numerous pale-colored, soft-bodied, chiefly tropical social insects, of the order Isoptera, that feed on wood, some being highly destructive to buildings, furniture, etc.   (from
2. any of numerous ideologies or ways of being that eat away at a relationship or persons moral. (from me)

Termites are icky, nasty bugs that invade a home and wreck it's foundation.  They are bugs that need to be found, killed, and never again let in.
Each Tuesday, I am going to write about one termite that I think eats away at a relationship or part of the world. 

Week One: the "It's not my problem so I shouldn't have to fix it" Termite

In a relationship, there is no separation of problems.  If one person is in debt, it becomes a problem for both.  If our country has a rapidly increasing poverty rate, it affects even the wealthy people. 
Someone has to fix the problems in a relationship if they want it to continue, and the person with the problem probably isn't capable of doing it alone.  We cannot expect to maintain a healthy, thriving relationship/community/home if we worry only about ourselves and our own problems.  That will cause the foundation to crumble.

"If everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself" 
-Henry Ford