Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Jesus.

Less than two weeks ago, I was leading a group of teenagers, some older than me even, on a journey to discover who Jesus is, what he means to them.  It didn't seem like such a big deal at the time, but is. Being at my high school, I continually notice all of the secular and sinful things that are surrounding me.  
Teenagers today are not innocent. 
Teenagers today are not naive. 
Teenagers today are not compassionate.  
Teenagers today are brutal. 
 And that sucks, because everybody deserves to know the Lord, and instead many of us just throw away the opportunity for a second chance. If only it could be as easy as to lead an entire school body through a T.E.C. weekend, so that they can see their version of Jesus.
How do we show people Jesus without scaring them off?
How do we let ourselves shine without scaring them off?
How do we not give up hopes without scaring them off?