Wednesday, February 9, 2011

5:30 Sunday Morning

Last Sunday was an interesting day...full of things that made me think.  My day began at 5:15 when I had to get up and get ready for work. While I was driving to work at the beautiful hour of 5:40 I noticed that my car was the first one to drive on the slippery, snow dusted stretch of Highway 22 that goes North from Kiester, and I was hit with my first thought:  This must be how it feels to be the only person on Earth.  Now, that may not seem like a huge thought...but it is if you believe (like I do) that the world is going to end soon. No dears, I'm not talking about 2012, I'm talking about Jesus Christ coming back to Earth to claim the true Christians and leave the rest behind to face what comes next.  As I was driving all alone in the world, I could totally imagine that that would be the world after we are taken away. But almost immediately after that thought, I realized that more people will be here than will be taken, and that sucks.  I wish that I could reach everybody, take them with me...but I have no idea how that could ever ever be possible.
My second thought of the day happened around 6:30, while I was talking to the cook/activities director in the kitchen of The Shepherd's Inn, an assisted living home where I work.  We were talking about a resident who has Alzheimer's and how her family has stopped visiting or taking her to church on Sundays.  Lauryne, the cook, then said something that really hit me,
"Once you get old, you turn invisible."
and the sad thing is, it's the truth.  I had always kind of known that, but after working at The Shepherd's Inn for a year or so,  I know it's true.  Families just throw their mom's or their dad's into some home or another, and then they are "freed" from all responsibilities and hardly give them the time of day anymore.  This thought stuck in my head for that whole day as I helped my old ladies get ready, eat, and relax.  It stuck with me from then until now...and it's so sad.  I'm not too worried about it, because as I said earlier I believe Jesus is coming back, and soon.

So those were my two major thoughts for Sunday...just a little food for thought.