Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Actions and Words

Actions prove who someone is, 
Words just prove who they want to be.

Dang, how true is that?  How often do we see someone in our lives saying something but doing the opposite? How often do WE do that? 

But what's wrong with hoping to be more than we currently are, with wanting others to see us in a better light?  I think that it is more of a problem to think you are okay and have no way to improve...God made nobody perfect.  

We are human. We hurt people. We get hurt.  We are sad and lonely and angry at the world sometimes.  We laugh at things that shouldn't be funny.  We do things we know are wrong just because of some strange impulse.  We live the only way we know how, the way we think will bring us the most pleasure.  

Yet, more often than not, the way we live is hurtful and harmful and needs improvement. One of the best things about being human beings is having the opportunity to change the course of our lives a hundred times before we reach the end of it.  We start out with the most basic goals as children: to have fun, hot dogs in our mac & cheese, and our favorite toy tucked into bed with us.  From that point our views of what's most important will change a thousand times: boys, marriage, partying, careers, vehicles, animals, staying out of trouble, God, our health, moving, being happy, having children, growing a record-size tomato, walking to the bathroom by ourselves, family.  

What makes us who we are is constantly changing.  What we want, what we dream of, what we pray for, what we work towards is constantly changing.  So yes, our actions prove who we are today and who we were in the past, but our words prove what we aspire to be tomorrow and the day after that and the year after that.

People change and as hard as it is to accept, sometimes the changes cause friendships to break, relationships to end, beliefs to disappear, morals to be altered, and lives to flip-flop. 

We are on this crazy, crazy ride and the best we can do is hold on through the flips, curves, slopes, and hills.