Thursday, January 12, 2012

H is for Hufflepuff

In the world of Hogwarts, there are four houses: Gryffindor (for the brave), Slytherin (for the ambitious), Ravenclaw (for smart people), and Hufflepuff.  I have yet to figure out what the Hufflepuff house's function is and why J.K. Rowling felt the need to add a house from which nothing special comes out of.  I feel like she might have just thought four houses was more asthetic than three.  There is even a video poking fun at Hufflepuff's lack of any special affinity:

But of course, while it's all fun and games to make fun of people who seem to have no special skills or natural ability to be better than most,  we don't have a right to laugh at them (except when they are extra ridiculous or trying to be funny.)  Everybody struggles with fitting in and figuring out who they are at some point in life, some poeple are just more obvious than others.  (:

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