Sunday, April 3, 2011

Where is the Love?

Before I truly became a Christian, I was a really messed up person truth be told.  My saving grace during that time however, were my two best friends.  They were both Christians and they both wanted to see me get better. Long story really short, they basically told me they wouldn't be in my life until I changed.  So, a while after that I did change, I found my faith and I got better....but when I turned around to tell my two friends, they had lost their faith. The two best people in my life are no longer even a part of my life, and they are just falling deeper into their personal sins.
I am so afraid of becoming like them, of being so strong in my faith and then just losing it and reverting to everything I've worked so hard to get away from.  Tonight I texted one of those girls, and it resulted in a fight.  She told me that she lost her faith because Christians are "closed-mined, hypocritical a-holes" then continued to say things like this.. She ended in telling me that we aren't friends anymore because she's gay and because I'm a Christian I obviously can't like her anymore.
Some days, it is really hard to hold the title of "Christian".  When people hear the "C" word they automatically associate us with a million negative things, and only a handful of positive.  We are kind of like pitbulls: because the light only gets shown on those of us that mess up, we are all given a negative reputation.

                                                              So, how do we fix it?